Driveway pressure washing in Ocala Fla

Ocala Driveway Pressure washing

Looking for Driveway pressure washing in Ocala Florida? Concrete stains can affect the surface of your driveway in addition to being unattractive. Using a pressure washer for exterior cleaning is quick and effective.

Portable pressure washers can be powered by gas or electricity. A garden hose supplies the water pump that is powered by the engine. The device pressurizes the water so that it discharges with more force than a garden hose could muster on its own. You can rent one from a local tool rental store, buy one yourseld or contact a power washing company in Ocala.

Protect Your Plants!

Consider covering any in-ground plants that are close to your driveway with a tarp as well. The detergent used in pressure washing can harm plants. A tarp, though, can restrict your plants’ access to air, so don’t keep them covered for too long.


Beware of where you point the water spray

Notice what the CDC has to say about using a pressure washer. A pressure washer’s powerful spray might result in significant injuries even though they initially seem minor. A person who delays care for wounds that seem minor increases their risk of infection, incapacity, or amputation. The quick, powerful spray can launch things that hit and hurt nearby people and pets.

There are also reports of breaking windows too. The lesson? Use the spray gun carefully and responsibly.

Clean those oil stains!

Can you clean the oil stains on your driveway? The amswer is yes. However, it is important to understand that the older the oil stain the harder it will be to get out. The lesson? Clean it annually and quickly.

If the spill was relatively recent, you can remove or lighten oil stains from your concrete driveway by using a medium- to heavy-duty pressure washer. Apply a cleanser of commercial quality to the oil stain and scrape it with a brush or broom first. then fill your pressure washer with detergent and start spraying.

Here is a list of local power washing contractors near you

Jackalopes Pressure Washing Services
(352) 274-4544


Apply the Pressure
(352) 470-8298

J n’ C Pressure Washing L.L.C.
(352) 209-2586

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