Sermon Series

  This year Lent begins on February 18th, the night we observe Ash Wednesday. Lent is very unique time in the church be it is an opportunity for us to be honest about who we are, where we are on our faith journey, and it offers us a beginning as we offer repentance and draw ourselves closer to God.

Lent encompasses our journey to Easter and all of the wonderment, repentance, and sanctification that we are offered as a result. But before Easter can come, before joy can be experienced, preparation has to occur. We have to be ready.

Come and join us for the next eight weeks as we look at our own faith journeys and ask those difficult questions, grapple with the honest answers, all in our pursuit to be everything God as called and created us to be. Invite and friend and we hope to see you soon!

February 18
  Ash Wednesday: And So it Begins...
February 22
  Who is this Man?
March 1
  Was He a Rebel?
March 8
  An Examined Life
March 15
  The Question
March 22
  Our Reflection
March 29        Our Way
April 5   He Lives!

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