The 11

       This Sunday we are beginning a new preaching series entitled, The 11, based upon a book by Rev. Leonard Sweet. To live our life alone not only robs us of wonderful experiences and fellowship, it is almost impossible. We need to people to walk with us, support us, and absolutely love us along the way.

We need others to help us be the best person we can be, the person God intends for us to be. For the next several weeks we are going to look at the types of people we need in our lives as a way of helping us identify who in our life fills those rolls. It is sure to be an exciting time of discernment and mabe even a bit surprising. Invite a friend and we hope to see you there!
August 10
  Who's Your Nathan?
   September 14
  Who's Your Peter/Paul?
August 17
  Who's Your Jonathan?   September 21
  Who's Your Deborah?
August 24
  Who's Your Jethro?   September 28
  Who's Your Zacchaeus?
August 31
  Who's Your Timothy?
  October 5
  Who's Your Rhoda?
September 7   Who's Your Barnabas?   October 12   Who's Your VIPs?

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