Sermon Series

  We are beginning a new preaching series this month focusing on the idea of revival as it played out in the life of our denominations founder, John Wesley. Faith is the bedrock for who we are and the foundation for our journeys through this life. Faith allows us to walk confidently with God, trust completely in our relationship with Jesus Christ, and rely fully on the power of the Holy Spirit.

But at times our faith can wane, it can wander, and it can lose its strength. At times such as those we all need revival. Come and join us for the next six weeks as we look at the life of John Wesley, the faith he relied on, and ways we can use those lessons to strengthen our own faith.

January 4   The Beginnings
January 11   Longing for Holiness
January 25   Crisis of Faith
February 1   Preaching and Pursuing Grace
February 8   Perfected in Love
February 15   Legacy

Verse of the Day